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    Photobucket Hi I'm Superman5556, the creator and current leader of the Jungle Warriors. I've been in CP armies for 4 years. I've been with the Nachos, the CCA, and more. I'm now currently in the Nachos, Jungle Warriors, Purple Heads, UCCP, and the Night Divers.
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To join the Jungle Warriors, answer the questions below in a comment.


1. What is your CP username?

2. Have you ever been in an army before? If so, what army?  

3. Will you be loyal to the leaders and your higher rankings?

4. How did you hear about us?


Thanks for joining. Remember to go to the chat page so we can tell you what to do after you’ve joined.


78 Responses

  1. 1. Eyelash500
    4.I heard about you on CP and followed you guys around (No, I wasn’t stalking you :l)

  2. 1. Djcat19
    2. No
    3. Yes
    4. Well at the Ultimate Jam there’s a guy he talks about it then i asked to join.

  3. club peigaun

  4. fantasic awlsome

  5. 1. Tippysister
    2. no
    3. yes
    4. Kim told me about it

  6. Rosie4628.
    heard it from two people.

  7. Hey Rosie and Tawni I am Snowballmad1 the girl who told ya about it let me know if u have any questions we also have a chat room!

  8. Grizelle
    a girl told me to join.

  9. 1.MARSHALL5678

  10. 1. oliviasmile9
    2. no
    3. of course
    4. i was at the snow forts room

  11. Thanks for Joining!!! Please go to Crystal on Saturday, if you go to the home page it will say all the information of tomorrow’s schedule!!!

  12. It’s Saturday!!! Lets start Recruting at the certain times on the home page!!! See you on Crystal in the Snow Forts!

    kimy890 told me

  14. thx oh ya look at my vidieo me and aqua spider made its a club penguin puffle robbary pt 1

  15. comment please!!!

  16. 1.omar7777
    4. from some guys dancing at the snow fort

  17. 1.rico45831
    4.people dancing at snow forts

  18. dude you didnt do it yet!!!!!!!!! kimy!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. my pirates of the carribean accont is raidar

  20. 1. wes welker4
    2. no
    3. yes
    4. platabad created me

  21. how can make another army?

  22. 1.Jarod 2003
    4.I saw some guys and they told me about it

  23. 1.shrimptail1

    2. I’ve been in epf before


    4. people were talking about it in the town

  24. 1.Gmoney 133
    4.I was at th town and a guy kept saying join jungle warriors and check out our website so i did and i wanna join

  25. 1.Xthestrange
    4.from a friend and she told me the website

  26. elliemay1214

    2 no

    3 yes

    4 some people came to my igloo and told me to join

  27. 1. What is your CP username?
    sea seat man
    2. Have you ever been in an army before? If so, what army?
    yes 2 armies i accidently started an army called red army but i didn’t do anything in that and i started an army called cold fire for a joke.
    3. Will you be loyal to the leaders and your higher rankings?
    yes of course.
    4. How did you hear about us?
    from a friend on club penguin.

  28. Hungary Joey
    From a guy named Penn2468

  29. hello if a guy called djpenguin (i forgot the numbers) joins i know him in real life and i asked him to join.

    bye 😉

  30. frigahega
    from other players

  31. cool I’m in.
    from greensta1 and puffles851

  32. greensta1 im a jungle ranger i love jungle.
    puffles850 me too

  33. this is TOTOALY AWSOME and safe he he!xD

  34. 1.)mlgmm12345 2.) lots of them 🙂 3.)YES

  35. aquaspider5
    platabad told me

  36. knoa
    i saw you guys and i was interested to join

  37. Cawasky2
    Yes ACP Captain, XGW 4ic, CPWN 3ic, RD 1ic, FFACP 1ic, RV 5ic, Watex Warriors Major, Waddling Warriors 2G Creator/1ic, CPEQ 1st General ever, Ice Vikings Sergeant, Shadow Raiders 3ic or 4ic

  38. What rank do I get when I join

  39. Guys i read your post i like too help armies get bigger like yours and i was the girl from Team Gold and i met Superman5556 on cp and then went on your chat and now Team Gold is like dead so i will talk it over with them and see what they think! 😀

  40. 1.Gmoney133
    4.a guy was at the town saying join jungle warriors of cp and said this website

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